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Welcome to DA-Group's recruiting site - we are excited that you are exploring employment opportunities with us! 

DA-Group is a provider of advanced electronics and high technology solutions and products for the technology industry, defence and aerospace organizations. We provide our clients with turnkey solutions  - from the initial R&D and testing to manufacturing and product life cycle management.

Established in 1995, DA-Design Oy has grown into a consolidated company employing approximately 140 professionals in Forssa, Tampere, Kaarina, Helsinki and Oulu, combined. 


DA-Group welcomes open applications, as we are constantly on the look out for skilled and experienced personnel.Please send us your application and CV via email to jobs@da-group.fi.

Please see the Finnish recruiting page for open positions with the requirement of fluency in Finnish language. 

About our privacy and security policy: By applying for a job with DA-Group, you are granting the company permission to save your information in our employee applicant registry. Only  dedicated HR personnel have the right to access the registry, and it is used solely for the recruiting purposes. Applicants can request to have their information deleted from the employee applicant registry. Additionally, when selected for employment, persons are required to go through personnel security clearance vetting. 




DA-Group is a strongly growing high technology company that designs and manufactures advanced electronics solutions and products. We are an innovative company with the best talents in the industry in both production and specialist roles. Whatever your job, you can see the results of your work: our in-house expertise covers everything from sales to R&D, from project management to engineering and from testing to manufacturing. Our customers are Finnish and international organisations operating in the defence and space industries.

We are searching for new talents to join us for next summer! Regardless of how far you have come in your studies, you can be our future star. What matters to us is that you have a positive attitude and are motivated to learn.


  • For those who come to work with us for the first time, or for university students in the early stages of their studies, we offer summer jobs in our production. You will work in electronics or mechanics manufacturing in our main location in Forssa, where you will have a chance to learn more about us and manufacture our unique products. A summer trainee job in production is an excellent stepping stone for a career with DA!
  • For more experienced workers or students in their final years, we offer summer jobs as specialists in, for example, engineering or project management.
  • For vocational school students we offer summer trainee jobs in production, ranging from one month to the whole summer.
  • For those aged 15 and over, we offer short summer trainee periods in assistive tasks in production and warehousing. 


If you are interested in us and our job opportunities, send us your freeform application or presentation video by 17 March 2024 to jobs@da-group.fi. As we process applications on a continuous basis, the positions may be filled already before the expiry of the application period.

For further information concerning the jobs, please contact Niina Nurmi, HR Director, +358 29 080 0990 or Veera Mäkelä, HR Coordinator, +358 29 080 2928.


More information

You can inquire about open jobs from Director of Human Resources Niina Nurmi, +358 29 080 0990, niina.nurmi@da-group.fi.



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