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09 Aug 2021

DA-Group at the Finnish Satellite Workshop on August 23-24, 2021

The Finnish Satellite Workshop brings together space tech specialists and scientists to discuss current topics in a rapidly developing space field. The scope is set on New Space, small satellite missions, small satellite platform development, space science missions and instruments, Earth Observation and sustainable utilization of space, not forgetting also about collaboration and politics.

In the seminar, Nestori Fabritius gives a presentation ”Finnish National Space Situational Awareness Radar" on Tuesday, August 24th at 11.45 am. He is addressing questions, such as 'What is the situation of Finnish National Space Situational Radar and what is the major impact of the possible National project? In what Role DA-Group could be in National Radar project?'

Check out the exciting program topics <link to spaceworkshop program>.

Register <here> to the free event and join in to listen the experts' presentations.

See you online at the workshop,

Nestori Fabritius
Business Line Manager,
Space & Industry
+358 28 0800 923

DA-Group operates as a subcontractor for major space companies and European Space Agency ESA. We deliver flight and ground systems and equipment; designed, manufactured and tested in-house. Our facilities enable space quality equipment manufacturing for both electrical and mechanical parts. For demanding space projects, our top experts have delivered RF and microwave subsystems, such as radar altimeters, SAR assemblies, radiometer receivers, calibration subsystems as well as general transmitter and receiver microwave subsystems.

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