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15 Mar 2023

DA-Group strengthens its management

Tauno Maksniemi starts as an interim CEO from March 15th, 2023.

Owners and the board of directors of DA-Group have decided to strengthen to top management team. Corporation founder and long-term CEO Sami Kotiniemi moves to position of Chairman of the Board. He will be in charge of corporation strategic programs, key customer projects, product and service development and network relations. Cofounder Kari Vainio continues as a member of the board and in his current operative task as the Chief Information and Security Officer.

Tauno Maksniemi starts as an interim CEO from March 15th, 2023. He has long experience in demanding service provider company leadership and business development positions – including high security companies. Among others he has act as an interim CEO in Conlog and Meritaito. He has also been in charge of G4S operations in Finland and been responsible for business operations in multiple international companies.

Our goal at DA-Group is to constantly develop our operations towards more customer and solution-oriented. Operational reliability and genuine added value for our customers are our core values.

Our customer projects shall continue without interruptions and our contact persons will keep you informed on our development.

Please, contact us in case you have any questions regarding this.

With co-operation regards,

Sami Kotiniemi
Chairman of the Board, DA-Group
+358 290 800 922

Tauno Maksniemi
CEO, DA-Group
+358 290 800 910



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