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16 Nov 2023

Check out the DA-Group customer magazine. Read about the future of technological development and the importance of space security.

We published our customer magazine in English in appreciation of our international clients. The magazine covers stories on future technological developments, urbanisation, the importance of security in space.

Future technologies 

In our magazine we share the thoughts of futurist Perttu Pölönen, who studied future technologies at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. He has a theory about why so many people shun technological development. You can also read about urbanisation and the potential of rail transport. The article on space discusses, among other things, the fact that when space is filled with technology, we need to consider what kind of technology will ensure the safety of space.

Military security of the European states

In the magazine, Vice-Admiral (retired) Kari Takanen reflects on the fact that the war in Ukraine has prompted European countries to raise their military readiness. The war in Ukraine has revealed the weaknesses of Europe’s defense arrangements.  – “The power of the Finnish defense industry lies in hightech solutions, such as the modern sea mines manufactured by DA-Group and other underwater warfare capabilities.”

Finnish craftmanship

Did you know that Finnish seafaring expertise is rooted in a long tradition of craftsmanship, which has preserved the art of shipbuilding in Finland? Ismo Postareff, a house construction teacher in Jyväskylä explains: “The level of craftsmanship has been incredible. The conditions under which these boats were made and the tools that were used—what a feat! There were hundreds of builders in Finland who did amazing work."

Read the magazine by tapping the magazine image below 

Customer Magazine 2023 Cover

PS. On the cover of our magazine you will find Tanja Popko, who joined us a few years ago to work in rail sales and marketing. Tanja studied international trade in her home country Ukraine and has continued her studies in Finland.



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