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05 Dec 2023

Happy Independence Day to 106-year-old Finland on 6.12.!

We wish a Happy Independence Day to Finland, to all Finns and to everyone living in Finland!

Happy Independence Day to 106-year-old Finland!  

The origins of Finnish independence dates back to 1742, when the possibility of an independent Finnish kingdom was mentioned in the Elizabeth´s manifesto signed by the Russian Empress Elizabeth during the War of the Hats. In the 1780s, officer Georg Magnus (Yrjö Maunu) Sprengtporten planned Finland's independence from Sweden. Sprengtporten drafted, among other things, the first draft constitution for an independent Finland, which was never implemented.

Discussions on the possibility of independence in Finland began in the spring of 1917, and the Declaration of Independence was finally adopted by the Finnish Parliament on 6 December of the same year. 

A key role in the emergence of national feeling was played by J. V. Snellman, who had a strong influence on the majority of the Finnish-speaking population to demand their linguistic and cultural rights.

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