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22 Dec 2023

Where do reindeer and hares wander with Christmas spirit?

They travel on the new Jokeri Light rail. Watch the Christmas themed video.

Reindeer and hares are lively and keen travellers

Watch the animals' adventure on the tram - and remember to keep the humour alive at Christmas time as well.      The video is on YouTube, it's nice if you like it and give it a thumbs up   Click on the button below to see it. 

Christmas themed video 

CHeck out the DA-Group Customer Magazine

If you feel there's not enough to read at Christmas, check out DA-Group's customer magazine, if you haven't already. The magazine features articles among other things on future technological developments, urbanisation, the importance of space security.

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We want to thank you for this year. And We WISH YOU A Merry Christmas!

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