Smart solutions for industrial products

The Internet of Things has been a part of DA-Group's everyday operations for 20 years. We have been in close co-operation with Finnish industry since the founding of the company. Industrial and technology companies take advantage of DA-Group's know-how in order to improve the performance of their products and increase their business.

Machine-to-machine communication in real time between has the potential to considerably improve productivity. Maintenance intervals can be predicted and if problems occur, remote assistance can be used. Superior sensor technology produces data, which is then monitored, analysed and compared to the stored historical data in real time. This offers significant benefits in processes, quality control and even energy requirements.

Competitive solutions are guaranteed by DA-Group's extensive experience of embedded systems and sensor technology in different applications. We offer comprehensive product development, testing and manufacturing services for industrial applications as turnkey solutions. We can also provide lifecycle management services for the product’s life span.

DA-Group delivers turnkey solutions and products for several industrial sectors, such as the forest and paper, process, machining, telecommunications and energy industries.


  • Embedded microcontroller systems and FPGA systems
  • Automation controlling and measurement systems
  • Real time and high speed digital signal processing (DSP)
  • High speed (up to several Gbit/s) transmission links
  • Transmission lines; copper cables, optical fibers and air transmission path
  • High speed analogue and digital measurement systems (ADC and DAC)
  • Graphical user interfaces

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