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TURSO NAval mine system

TURSO is a complete Naval Mine System, including the brand new MM30 - the most modern influence sea mine. The system also includes the SUMICO modular naval mine system, algorithm development tools and training units for countermeasure divers. 


MM30 is based on the original proprietary and patented Target Detection System, which has been deployed succesfully into operation. 


TURSO TDS - Target detection system for naval mines

The complete system consists of TURSO MM30, target detection device, programming device, data logger, algorith development tools as well as research and maintenance systems. It is a reliable system with long lifetime and low maintenance costs. 

DA-Group's target detection system is the perfect solution for new sea mines or to support the modernization of old mine systems with intelligence and upgraded performance. The versatile system has a modular structure and is easily customized to meet the  customer requirements, either in new mine design or in modernizing old mines.

The multi-sensor technology in the mines allows for safe and effective operation with high deterrence against countermeasures. The sensors in all TURSO family underwater systems include the following: 

The signatures from these are taken into account in the detection and detonation algorithms.



TuRSO Target detection DEVICE   

The target detection device is a compact, modular device having sensors and control electronics for target detection and detonator ignition. This powerful control unit runs user programmable algorithms to detect desired targets. After activation, the device is 24/7 operational without any sensor stabilization delays and can be immediately ready to detect targets.

The target detection device can be programmed with wake-up criteria, based on an elapsed time or an algorithm as well as many programmable deactivation options. The TDD can be activated/deactivated after any specific time in the water.

  • Operational depth 10 - 200 m as a standard; extended depths optional
  • Lifetime in water up to several years
  • 25-year lifetime with economical maintenance costs
  • Easy to install, safe to use and store



The intelligent TURSO provides a complete ecosystem. The users can program the system to function in their environment. Secret libraries can be easily programmed with the ecosystem tools. The operators are also able to fully manage the testing and maintenance functions. 

The ecosystem has its algorithm development and simulation environment with the software tools to create, test and simulate mine algorithms, in the filed or in the office. 

Training and exercise equipment have training versions of a target detection device and a training system for clearance divers.

The complete systems includes the following components:

  • Target Detection Device
  • Programming Device
  • Data Logger
  • Algorithm Development and Simulation Environment
  • Testing and Maintenance System
  • Leak Tester
  • Lifecycle Services
  • Training

The TURSO Naval Mine System is the intelligent solution for underwater warfare.






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