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Undersea Combat – Susceptibility vs Detection

The "Undersea Battle - Susceptibility vs Detection" webinar held on April 19th, 2022 was a success with over hundred participants from 28 countries around the globe. We at DA-Group are pleased and proud that so many professionals related to naval defence industry attended the session and found it useful!

Below is the webinar recording for your use. Please contact Mr. Kristian Tornivaara, Chief Business Officer, Defence & Aerospace, for more information at kristian.tornivaara@da-group.fi - +358 29 080 2968.

Key Learning Objectives

This webinar discussed measures to reduce underwater signatures and also means to enhance survivability of naval ships and submarines against underwater explosions (UNDEX).

Looking from the opposite perspective, the webinar debated the operating principles of modern underwater surveillance systems, what these sensors detect and how this information can be exploited by the operator. Practical examples included target acquisition and detonation logic of influence sea mines.

Webinar was a continuation to quarter decennial SURMA Naval Combat Survivability Seminar series.




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