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Collaboration with Surma brings Marioff new know-how

Marioff Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of water mist suppression systems, and its fire extinguishing solutions are on the world’s largest cruise ships. Surma and Marioff have previously collaborated on research projects for the Finnish Defence Forces and the Navy as well as on Marioff’s own product development projects. Surma has brought new know-how to Marioff’s mechanics design processes. 

“Nearly all of the world’s largest cruise liners feature our fire extinguishing systems. Solution requirements for the Finnish Defence Forces and the Navy are also increasingly trending in the market”, Marioff’s Special Applications Manager Timo Niiranen says.

There have been various joint research projects along the way

Marioff and Surma have been collaborating for around ten years,nearly since Surma’s establishment. Together with Surma, we have studied and gauged the reaction of Marioff’s pump unit to a shock on board a ship.

 “Our joint projects have mainly related to various research projects by the Finnish Defence Forces and the Navy. Surma has also consulted us in some of our own product development projects”, Niiranen says.

“Usually, when we are designing mechanical components such as pumps, valves or pipe systems, it’s not enough just to make calculations for them. Surma has assisted us in the design phase calculations, but also in our gauging and testing activities. The functionality of all components must be verified with full-scale tests, shock tests, vibration tests, electronic durability tests and so forth”, Niiranen lists.        

New know-how for mechanics designers

Collaboration with Surma has also brought savings to Marioff. Physical testing is always more costly than simulation and calculation.        

“If we went into testing unprepared and our systems failed, the cost of repairs would be in a whole different ballpark”, Niiranen emphasises.        

“From Surma, we have gained new kind of know-how for our  mechanics designers. This has clearly had a positive impact on our  product development projects”, Niiranen states.        

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