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Advanced embedded technology solutions to produce excellent end-user experience and performance for your products.


Advanced Electronics
and Systems


DA-Group focuses on proactive problem solving. Challenge us!
Our design and implementation services transform complex technical problems into easy and functional product solutions.

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DA-Group offers comprehensive high-tech services, all under one roof. We provide research, product development, design, testing, manufacturing and product lifecycle management services in the creation and supply of advanced electronic systems. Our services meet the strictest industrial, defence and space technology quality and safety standards.


The result of our development and design work is the creation of a complete and optimized solution to meet the customer demand.
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Comprehensive type tests ensure the product's performance and the validation of its features and functions.
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The manufacturing and assembly of systems and electronic equipment as well as the production of precision mechanics.
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Overall management of the product’s lifecycle by one experienced provider improves the whole design and manufacturing process and brings efficiencies and cost savings.
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We offer comprehensive industrial internet solutions and deliver turnkey projects.
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We produce high-performance and reliable military and security applications by utilizing most advanced technology for the solutions.

We deliver systems, subsystems and equipment for spaceflight and ground based applications. Read more »
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