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DA-Group is a contract electronics solutions provider offering both product design and manufacturing services. Starting as an electronics design house, the company has developed to the technology partner for major Finnish corporations. We are proud to help our customers to turn the ideas into viable products.  

As the electronics manufacturer, we help our clients to gain competitive edge with our ability to bring their product to the market in a timely manner, with the right quality, and at the right price.  

The close collaboration between the R&D and development team with the manufacturing professionals enable an agile reiteration in the design and production process, and thereby creating an optimal solution for the customer's needs. As a full service provider, we assist in front-end supply chain services, such as procurement of materials and commodities. For many OEM customers, we take care also of the back-end supply chain services, such as shipping final products to OEM end-user customers in the field. Additionally, after sales services with repair and maintenance are provided. 

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