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Reliability with accredited testing services

DA-Group offers accredited testing services for a wide range of electronic and mobile solutions and products. Testing and measuring are necessary during many phases of product development, manufacturing, verification and delivery. Timely and appropriate testing saves time, because this information is fed back to the development process.

Our laboratory facilities and equipment enable comprehensive measuring and testing of products and systems: Electromagnetic Compatibility testing (EMC), temperature and vibration tests as well as X-ray tests. Environmental testing enables extensive tests of RF and electronic equipment and systems.

Our experts work with your staff to formulate test plans and consult on findings. Detailed reports of test results and observations are prepared as required and are based on applicable standards. In our processes, we focus on the importance of reliability and verification.

To comply with national and international market regulations, all electronic products are tested to validate their functionality, performance, safety and reliability. Type approval tests ensure that products are suitable for application in the market.

Independent testing services prodiver

DA-Group's subsidiary, Eleforss Oy, has been providing testing and measuring services for over ten years. Test facilities are in Tampere, the Hermia/Hervanta area, and also in DA-Group's headquarters in Forssa.

According to the accreditation, Eleforss testing laboratories T313 conform to the requirements of the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard. An up-to-date scope of accreditation is available on FINAS web pages.

FINAS, the national accreditation body in Finland, granted Eleforss Oy the accreditation for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio frequency (RF) testing of electrical, electronic and radio frequency equipment. The accredited scope includes most of the key emission and immunity measurement standards as well as several harmonized standards related to the EMC and Radio Equipment Directive.

In addition, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States accepts the accredited testing reports by Eleforss Oy. When an electronic device is tested to comply with FCC standards, it can receive an FCC certificate.


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DA-Group offers electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and RF testing, both for product development and for accredited verification testing. In our testing laboratories and Full Compliance  and Pre Compliance EMC testing chambers, a variety of services are offered:

  • Radiated emission measurements
  • Conducted emissions measurements
  • Radiated susceptibility/immunity tests
  • Conducted immunity tests
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) immunity tests
  • Electrical fast transient (EFT) and Surge voltage/current immunity tests
  • Voltage dips, short interruptions and voltage variations immunity tests

In addition, we perform other electrical, electroacoustic and RF measurements, such as radio equipment (WLAN, Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G) and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) tests and measurements. 




All common types of tests are offered, as such humidity and temperature tests as well as thermal shock and cycling tests.

To measure products' operations in extreme conditions and in an aging process, we have special testing equipment, such as solar simulator, UV testing and salt mist.

  • Environmental testing (humidity and temperature), wide temperature range (-80 - + 180 °C) and damp heat test
  • Thermal shock tests
  • Thermal cycling tests
  • Thermographic camera imaging

Thermal shock occurs when devices are forced to undergo rapid temperature changes between extremes. Temperature swings can cause materials to become brittle or cause damage. We utilize a variety of test chambers capable of rapidly altering the temperatures of test devices.




Mechanical shock tests can determine the suitability of a device for use in electronic equipment that is subjected to moderately severe shocks from rough handling, transportation or field operation. Mechanical shock testing utilizes shock and drop testing and is considered destructive. Vibration testing determines the extent to which items can withstand mechanical vibrations. 

  • Vibration and free-fall tests with a high-speed camera
  • Sine vibration tests
  • Shock tests
  • Random vibration tests

For any piece of mobile equipment to be functional, it needs to withstand some vibration. Equipment designed for rugged or hostile environments needs to withstand a lot of vibration without breaking down or wearing out prematurely. The only way to know, if something will withstand its intended application, is to test it appropriately.






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