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expertise in safety-critical projects

DA-Group operates in a number of sectors, such as space and defence, where quality and safety are absolute prerequisites. Decades of experience in demanding projects give us the expertise to provide safety-critical solutions for the different phases of a project, from design to information systems and from manufacturing to testing. Good functional safety brings clear economic benefits by improving productivity and reducing risks and downtime. 

Safety is an important factor in all applications involving electronics, motors, sensors and programmable logic. Good safety is achieved by identifying risks and reducing them to acceptable levels. Systems must be designed according to safety principles and meet the conditions set out in directives, standards and laws.

We execute safety-critical SIL and ATEX solutions and other security projects. Safety Integrity Level (SIL) is a measurement of performance required for a safety instrumented function, such as for equipment used to control and monitor high-risk processes. Equipment for hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres is subject to separate ATEX regulations.


DA-Group manufactures tram door control units for a Finnish company, Tamware. For example, Tamware doors can be found in the new trams in Tampere. The rolling stock is manufactured by Škoda Transtech in Kainuu.

The door control unit ensures that the tram doors open as planned at stops and remain closed when the tram is in motion. The control unit also controls the door automation so that no one can accidentally get caught between the doors. For each door, a module of the size of a shoebox is connected to the tram's structure containing the computer control unit. 

Safety-critical solutions ensure that any malfunction of the device does not endanger the user or people in the vicinity under any circumstances, even in the event of a failure. The requirement is that the device operates safely under all circumstances. These functional safely solutions are DA-Group's core expertise.




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