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iSNS – Immune Satellite Navigation System

“iSNS – by DA-Group made in Finland, powered by Elisra Combat Proven Technology”


DA-Group manufactures and markets Elbit Systems EW & SIGINT–Elisra's Immune Satellite Navigation System (iSNS). iSNS is an anti-jamming antenna system filtering out GNSS interferences and spoofing.

The iSNS solution is in high demand due to rapidly increasing GNSS jamming threats. Its superior performance provides effective and efficient solution to this rising operational need.

iSNS has an operationally proven capacity to provide reliable, non-stop GPS operation providing comprehensive jamming immunity over extensive geographical areas for multiple satellite channels, handling multiple interfering signals and/or jammers that operate on concurrent frequencies. iSNS is compatible with all types of GPS systems, without prior knowledge of the locations of GPS satellite or GPS receiver antenna. Modular and customizable, iSNS is designed for a wide variety of land, sea and airborne applications, in the defence and in other governmental areas. Its small footprint enables adaptation to compact platforms, and it can be installed as an independent add-on kit.




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